Top 10 Marijuana Strains To Use For A Deep Sleep

Top 10 Marijuana Strains To Use For A Deep Sleep


For optimal productivity, two things are required –Food and sound sleep. Some of the benefits of sleep: Decreases stress levels, Improved memory, Focus, Reduced risk of depression, It helps maintain robust heart health and immunity. 


Unfortunately,  sleep disorder (insomnia) has become a silent pandemic, with one in four Americans developing Insomnia every year, and 10% of the American population likely to develop chronic Insomnia. This is expensive costing the US economy approximately $63 billion every year. 


There are several causes of a decline in sleep quality, from stress to poor eating habits and in some cases mental health disorder. Today, our main focus is on how you can naturally improve sleep. We aim to take a closer look at an overlooked natural remedy for sound sleep –Marijuana. 

Popularly known for the “high” sensation and therapeutic effect, very minimal discussion is centred around the sleep-inducing property.


Here are the top ten marijuana strains to use for deep sleep:




THC Level – 27%.

Reminds you of Superman? Expect this THC saturated hybrid strain to calm your nerves leaving you in absolute tranquillity. A product of the combination merger between the killer queen and Mendocino Purps makes this a rare and respected hybrid strain. 

What should you expect? 

Medical marijuana treatment for insomnia starts from the eyes; they become red and settle into a calm and relaxing state. Followed by your lungs, they go into a slow pace, evident in your breathing. And then they hit the limbs.  

This strain differs from Kryptonite OG as the effect kicks within 10 mins while lasting long like a bad joke. 

Hindu Kush

THC Level ~ 18%.

Grown in the harsh unfavorable south-central Asia desert, this is arguably one of the best indica strains. Consider it the Holy grail of CBD with the power to have you calm en route cloud nine. Here’s how it starts? You experience a quick sense of burden lifted off your shoulders mixed with Euphoria. 


Afghan Cannabis 

THC Level ~ 17%

Off-limits for entry-level CBD users, the tranquillizing effect will immobilize you making coming in a bit apprehensive. A parent strain considered the father of all indica strains would leave no second-guessing after one hit.The effect is preceded by the scent of a freshly mowed lawn in the middle of nowhere. 



THC Level ~10%

A product of the creative spirit of CBD creators, the Harlequin from reputed Canada weed dispensary features a blend of Thai Sativa, Nepali Indica, and Columbian gold. The creator’s creativity has made this one of the finest blends. A predominately CBD strain with a 5:2 ratio of THC to CBD. The minimal THC content makes this less psychoactive leaving room for some pain and anxiety properties to manifest. 


Northern Light 

THC Level ~ 33%

Popularly called the superstar hemp flower, Here why –two hits and you are toast. Owed to the extreme THC levels –33%. 

Ensure your bed all set before you take a hit as you might travel to the Northern lights and back. The effects are characterized by profound numbness and laziness while keeping you with intimidating levels of focus and a feeling of wellness/happiness. 


Pineapple Express 

THC Level ~ 23%

Are you looking for a beautiful hybrid CBD strain with long-lasting effects? Pineapple express is the ideal choice. With fast-acting and extended attributes and a blend of fruitiness, you should experience heightened creativity as you lay in an indescribable state of calmness. 

Strawberry Field Cannabis

THC Level ~ 24%

Sweet strawberry crossbred strain with all the juiciness of Sativa and calming sensation of Indica. For best results, slow and steady does the trick. Avoid consuming in a rush. Slowly allow the high take over your mind keeping you in absolute stillness. 

Blue Cheese

THC Level ~ 16.5%

Ideal for beginners due to its gentle effect on the system. Experience the soothing effect of cannabis without overpowering your body. Veterans are invited to the party as they get to the high feeling while maintaining composure.Blue cheese is a hybrid gotten from wild blueberries, creamy cheese, and herbs. It Relaxes your brain inducing sleep if you prefer or keeping calm while on the job. 

Acapulco Gold

THC Level ~ 23%

Treat yourself to a taste of royalty with the blast of flavor the Mexican Acapulco Gold has to offer. The positive vibes from each puff energies your sensory receptors, numbing feelings of anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Adding this to edibles is also not a bad idea as it boosts creativity, intensifies Euphoria while leaving you less anxious. 


Blue Dream

THC Level ~ 30%


With a unique blend of herb and spices, Blue Dream will slowly but surely take you to heights of serenity. The unparalleled berry flavor has a touch of gasoline. Blue Dream is the type of joint you would hit at the end of a stressful day at work in your bathtub. The intense sensation leaves you in a state of absolute rest with life. Alternatively,you can also procure different & unique OG Kush autoflowering seeds  by High Supplies and grow them at the comfort of your home.


Final thoughts.

The most potent strain for a night of deep sleep is indica with its rich THC content. With that said,  depending on synthetic drugs to help improve sleep might come as a short term fix, but in the long run, the repercussions are lethal. 

A sustainable approach involves developing good sleeping habits like keeping a consistent bedtime seven days a week. Limit consumption of beverages containing alcohol, caffeine and nicotine.  You can get your medical marijuana card for insomnia for a good nights sleep.